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Develop a profitable beverage program for your event or venue.


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We build bar programs for venue owners who want to elevate the quality of their drinks and customer experience for their guests.

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our services

Meet your Hospitality Consultant

Cody Nicoll, our founder and program consultant, has a decade of experience in the hospitality industry. He has developed beverage programs, and has managed, trained and staffed some of Ottawa's top bars, festivals and events. His passion for the craft of mixology has brought him recognition and awards from so me of Canada's most acclaimed cocktail competitions.

Cody geeks out on building bar programs as much as he does when making cocktails, understanding that the most successful bars are built on great strategy and systems. Having been trained by some of the top corporate restaurants in the city, he takes the same approach to staff training, understanding that your bar can only be as successful as its processes.

Why hire a bar consultant?

Elevate Beverage Offerings

Elevate Beverage Offerings

Beverage and cocktail menu that will impress your guests.

Hospitality Industry Expertise

Hospitality Industry Expertise

End-to-end bar operations processes

Increased Bar Profitability

Bar Program Consulting

We’ll help you hit your profit margins.

Simplify Product Purchasing

Simplify Product Purchasing

Access our network of the top spirit representatives in the city.

“Cody Nicoll is the most dedicated, principled, hardworking team player you’ll ever meet. His work ethic, determination, tenacity, and integrity for both my business and his brand is something I’ve never seen before. I would recommend him to restaurant operators, event planners and venues, and everything in between. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Cody as part of their team is truly blessed as you will have someone who’s not only willing to work but someone who will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and his own.”

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